The unique mission of Dr. Mee Lain Ling is to ignite the power of your healing journey and empower you in your pursuit of a life that nurtures vibrant health.

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ACUPUNCTURE is used to free blockages, clear excesses, regulate Qi flow...

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...of your healing journey

HERBAL MEDICINE with dietary counselling is a major pillar of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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MEDICAL QIGONG is the oldest of the four main branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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CUPPING is a therapy that has been practiced for millenia throughout Asia, Africa, Eastern...

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wet cupping

a specialty provided by Dr. Ling, and an effective treatment method with rapid results for acute & chronic pain, and many other symptoms.

What people say…

34 yrs. male, Chronic Hay Fever

Salam, did I tell you my hay fever is completely gone this year!!! I had it since I was 11!!!

– Nazim C., Port Coquitlam, August, 2017

34 yrs. male, Low energy levels ranging from 0-5/10

Thank you for the follow-up Dr. Ling. Since making the changes to my diet I have actually experienced a major increase in my energy levels. Thank you for your help!

– James, West Vancouver, July 2017

42 yrs. female, Adenomyosis

Assalamu alaikum Dr. Mee Lain,
I don’t know what you put in this herbal mix but before this my pain was 11 on the scale 1-10, now it is a solid 5, I can walk nicely to the washroom and cook a little bit, also drive a car. May Allah reward you for your wisdom, Ameen. Also I noticed less blood and blood clots. Alhamdulillah. Oh and the period was on time too, that doesn’t happen very often.

– M.D., Vancouver, May 2017


“I had severe debilitating headaches with accompanying sinus congestion for FIVE YEARS until I found Dr. Mee Lain. After just ONE session of wet cupping behind my neck plus acupuncture on my face for plugged, painful sinuses, I have absolutely NO symptoms (even 3 months later). And with the nutrition plan she has educated me about that I follow exactly, my energy is amazing! …”

– B.A., Vancouver, April 2016 –


“After having found ways to control my AS symptoms after some trial and error with certain foods, I can say that your recommendations were completely correct. I’ve also begun mindful meditation to control pain, since it relapses for very short periods. Here are the following points from my own experience, that you recommended, that were proven to me thus far, as well as some new points I discovered from research and experimentation… “

– Mohibullah, Seattle, March 2016 –


“My mother loves the herbs you prescribed for me to take to her [in Algeria]. She feels so good with them and for the first time in years has had no cough or cold this season. She was even waking me up every morning just to make the herbal tea for her and wants to continue on them. Thank you so much.”

 – A.S. (feedback from son in Vancouver), Algeria, February 2016 –

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