In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the root cause of dis-ease is often the long-term patterns of disharmony occurring in the body-mind-heart. These patterns then lead to blockages and disturbances, excesses and deficiencies that manifest in the way of various pains and symptoms within the body.

Since ancient times in China, acupuncture has been used to free blockages, clear excesses, regulate Qi flow and nourish deficiencies, taking into account the needs of the whole person.

Acupuncture is the insertion of fine, hair-thin needles into specific points along the body’s meridian pathways. This can effectively unblock energetic disturbances in the body, smooth the flow of the body’s Qi (vital energy), and stimulate the body to nourish Qi and blood.

If any pain occurs with acupuncture, it is not the acupuncture causing the pain.  It is the acupuncture finding the pain that has already developed as a result of long-term imbalance between Yin and Yang. Moreover, this minor pain should disappear within seconds after needling and should never worsen with time.

Depending on several factors – the client’s condition, pattern of disharmony, age, and comfort level – Dr. Ling uses acupuncture alone, or in combination with cupping, or a micro-electric current called electro-acupuncture.

With electro-acupuncture, two needles are connected to one electrode on the same side of the body, and a very mild current is set up to send heat and gentle electric energy into the tissues. This causes a buzzing vibration in the localized region, which by the end of the session after smoothing out resistance in the tissues, feels like a deep-tissue massage.

Overall, electro-acupuncture has the same purpose as regular acupuncture, but is turbo-charged! This “turbo” acupuncture stimulates healing to occur many times faster thereby reducing the frequency and number of visits needed to bring desired results. And because of the heat penetrating deep into the tissue from the electric current, it also has these beneficial functions:

  1. Disperse cold and tight fascia tissue to stop pain
  2. Warm and unblock meridians and tissues
  3. Activate Qi and blood to remove blood stagnation

Dr. Ling uses electro-acupuncture for clients presenting with the following TCM patterns: Yang deficiency, blood deficiency, energy (Qi) deficiency, and Qi, blood or phlegm stagnation.

These patterns of disharmony include those with the following conditions or symptoms:

Arthritis, poor/no appetite, weak digestion, loose bowels, chronic fatigue syndrome, acute or chronic back pain, frozen shoulder, Raynaud’s phenomenon, cold body/extremities, depression, low energy, fibroids, benign cysts, post-surgery joint rehabilitation, physical trauma to soft tissues, etc.

 There is a saying in China: “Acupuncture and cupping, more than half of the ills are cured.”

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