humanasgardenIn many eastern philosophies, the human being is viewed as a microcosm of the entire creation with its own unique ecological system, like a garden.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is an ancient body of knowledge that applies this garden perspective to health.  It is a natural, holistic system of medicine with over 4000 years of approaching the body, mind and heart-spirit as one whole.

If we imagine human well-being as a garden, we know every garden needs a devoted gardener to weed, water, till, and plant healthy seeds.  We can each be our own gardener.

But neither health, disease, nor outdoor gardens are static states of existence.  Several factors affect their equilibrium – age, weather, seasons, nutrition, pollution, lifestyle, and emotions, to name the major influences.

In TCM, by tending your health as a garden, the intent is to approach health not just as the absence of disease, or the prevention of it.

To create long-term solutions, the approach to health needs to also include becoming adaptable to constantly changing internal and external stimuli so vibrant health can be continuous.

Therefore, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, the equation for health is:


HEALTH = Free of disease & pain + Prevention + Adaptability + Continuity

In this model of health, there is integrity and honesty with oneself that helps one maintain the ability to be adaptable to changing internal and external forces, so harmony can be sustained and continuous.

So what seeds are being planted in your garden?  How are you adapting to changes in age, seasons, climate, emotions, nutritional needs, and all that life brings?  Is there resistance or defensiveness? Resistance to adapt to change blocks the body’s flow of Qi (vital energy) and over time leads to inner disharmony.

To assist people in maintaining harmony through ever-changing stimuli, this ancient system of healing uses several methods, including cuppingacupuncture, herbal medicine & dietary counselling, medical massage (Tui-Na), and Qigong/Taichi.

Ultimately, the answers are in your body, for the body never lies – whether you have acute or chronic pain, or other unwanted symptoms, then at some level your health is calling for much-needed gardening attention.

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